Scared Of Me (STY – Betty Version) sung by Project SNT


Original Song from:
Steven Universe – Stronger Than You:
– This version –

Music by Amella:
Vocals by ProjectSNT(Courtney):
Video FX by NyxTheShield:

Art by me(Camila):

Lyrics by me (Camila) and a bit of help from Veir.

Video edited by me as well!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I love Steven Universe a LOT. And I really like some Stronger than you versions out there, THAT along with a lot of other requests from other people, I finally decided that it’d be nice to have a song for Betty as well… referencing this next episode…

Hope you like it! This was made just for fun.

(My heart breaks everytime Betty sings megalovania there, well played courtney, well played ♥ )

Also careful with the spoilers if you catch me animating!


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